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Xerox Documate 5460 Driver Download Windows 10 64 Bit

Xerox Documate 5460 Driver Download Windows 10 64 Bit priced a dead ringer for the editors preference xerox gives you percent faster velocity percent better fee rated at 60 pages consistent with minute ppm and one hundred twenty consistent with minute for duplex scanning even more if it can apprehend textual content full which a scanners xerox documate 5460 brochure can and covered that confirmed profile names rather than numbers but it is an impressive beast the same capacity for its computerized file xerox documate 5460 manual feeder and the identical 4000 page in step with day maximum obligation cycle It also joins the Xerox Documate 5460 a editors choice even though in this driver xerox support United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and United States example it's for a medium workplace or with heavy responsibility scan desires.

It gives the equal footprint 3.2 inches making it small enough to in shape on a desk additionally like the it offers a USB port as its most effective connector don't misread the scale and connection kind as suggesting you may use it as a high xerox documate 5460 software cease non public scanner but even greater than with the given the speed and heavy obligation test functionality the usage of it that manner would be like the usage of a fireplace hose to water your lawn.

Xerox Documate 5460 Driver Download Windows 10 64 Bit

As you may expect the 5460 comes with the same set of application application as the 5445, which include the file management software nuance paper port professional 14, the optical man or woman recognition software page controlador xerox documate 5460 professional 18 and converter professional working with PDF documents all 3 are among the first-rate available for his or her unique programs and they will nicely be all you need for trendy motive workplace scanning.

also included is the equal one contact test software that incorporates the which lets you effortlessly set or exchange options like resolution, shade mode, and record layout to save to as with maximum experiment utilities one Touch xerox documate 5460 troubleshooting can shop scans inside the codecs you want, converting them to the proper format for a given software and it can robotically release a application with the converted record open  you can as an example scan a report understand the text, and open the ensuing file in Word all with a unmarried command.

As an alternative to the scan application xerox additionally gives and drivers which among them will allow you to scan without delay from truly any Windows application that consists of a test command scan overall performance In my exams the xerox documate 5460 driver turned into near its rated speed in raw test time, however a number of its gain over 45-ppm and 50-ppm scanners scan of our general 25-sheet textual content file to image PDF layout I timed the scanner at forty six.Nine ppm beginning from my giving the scan command and ending with the scanned file displaying up in an adobe reader window.

The difference among claimed pace and timed throughput comes from the scanner taking about 7 seconds among giving the test command in the one touch application and the first page genuinely starting to move thru the scanner subtract that startup overhead from the overall time and the rate is a real 60 ppm similarly I clocked a duplex scan of the identical 25-sheet double-sided document at 92.3 ipm however with out the startup time the to 117.6 ipm in actual world use for the reason that the 7 second begin time may be the equal for any file the longer the document the faster the overall velocity in ppm.

The more essential speed for most functions is the time for scanning to searchable PDF format, that's normally extra useful for report control whatever gain the 5460 has over the 5445 and is far much less obvious here due to the fact the gain in test velocity is crushed by the time it takes for the recognition step genuinely method isn't that the scanners of the identical velocity for this assignment OCR assessments reading both our times roman and arial check page at sizes as small at six factors with out a mistake It even did far higher than maximum scanners on an assortment of fonts that we also look at, even though they aren't a part of our reliable checks..

However that they're all bumping up against the check computer's pinnacle speed for processing the pages. In the case of the after it scanned some pages, it stopped after each one, and waited numerous seconds for the subsequent for the laptop to tell it that it turned into equipped for extra. In actual world use depending on how rapid your distinction scanners when scanning to searchable Also in the class of performance is that the in mixture with its included software program did an top notch task for accuracy.

Most different report scanners is that even though can pick out a scan profile and start a experiment from its the front panel buttons, the feature is sort of vain the the front panel identifies the profiles as numbers simplest because of this you have to memorize which variety is which or paste a cheat sheet close to the scanner the and a few different scanners offer a far better approach changing the one woman on front panel with a multi person with more than one characters you can name every profile or provide it a quick description making it an awful lot easier to pick out


  • Model XDM5460I-A
  • Starting at $1,095.00
  • Image Enhancement Technology Visioneer Acuity
  • Weight 8.8 lbs.
  • Simplex or Duplex Duplex (two side scanning)
  • Interface USB 2.0
  • Optical Resolution 600 dpi
  • ADF Capacity 75 sheets (20 lb. paper)
  • Visioneer OneTouch Technology (PC) Yes
  • Duty Cycle 6000 pages/day
  • ADF Maximum Paper Size 8.5" x 195" in
  • ADF Minimum Paper Size 1.9" x 2.8" in
  • Dimensions 12.5 x 7.7 x 8.2 (W×D×H)
  • Output Bit Depth 24 bit
  • Light Source LED
  • Drivers TWAIN, WIA, ISIS, Visioneer DriverPLUS


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